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Troubleshooting: Compressor Won’t Start

If the problem you’re having isn’t listed, please email us so we can add it. Our expert staff and technicians welcome the opportunity to help you solve problems with your compressed air system, please email us or call us at 1-800-322-9038 for assistance.

Probable CauseDisplay ReadingWhat to Do
110120 V control voltage not available None Check fuses.
Check transformers and wiring connections
  "STARTER FAULT" Inspect contactors.
  "EMERGENCY STOP" Rotate emergency stop button to disengage and press "SET" button twice.
  "MAIN MTR OVER LD" or "FAN MTR OVERLOAD" Manually reset main or fan motor overload relay and press "SET" button twice.
  "PRESS SENSOR FAIL" or "TEMP SENSOR FAIL" Check for defective sensor, bad sensor connections, or broken sensor wires.
Compressor Won’t Start

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